That’s Enough Mary Robbins Part 3

I have just published some more of my famous blog articles in yet another example of how I twist things to suit my own ends, even though I know full well Mrs Yang is a scammer, and does not feed and vet her dogs, while she hoards donations by the thousands (and uses a thick stick to beat both the dogs and any questioners with – a fact I choose to ignore). I still use my crocodile tears to try and get my way in moving people to turn against as part of the retribution I am so entitled to.

Mrs Yang has her methods, and I have mine. Mrs Yang uses a thick stick (“thick stick Yang”) while I use more subtle methods like emotional manipulation and disinformation.

My main worry at the moment is that all my lies are catching up with me. People have been calling me a jackass turncoat and nobody seems to believe a word I say and I can’t think why. I’ve just found out I’ve been accused by my new friends of making up screenshots all the time. That is not really fair as I don’t make up screenshots all of the time, just most of the time.

Anyway I know they are only saying that to cover their asses because I leaked Peter Egan’s emails where he spilled the beans about how he was gonna destroy NoToDogMeat. Unfortunately even though he’s been doing his utmost for 2.5 years now, he is still no closer than he was then. I know I dropped him in it, and I know they hate me for it, but at least they still pay me well for lying my face off and twisting everything, something NoToDogMeat would not do, no matter how many times and how heavily I hinted at it.

Mind you, as I never ceased to stop reminding people, I am skint and could always do with some monetary contributions to fund my somewhat extravagant lifestyle considering I am unemployed. Don’t I deserve it? I categorically reject the assertion that I live beyond my means, even though just our car cost several hundred dollars a month.

Anyway all things said and done I did have to consider my financial situation which was pretty appalling at the time as I was forced to keep reminding everybody day in and day out, as I wasn’t getting paid I had difficulty paying my bills. Still now it’s cool and I’m loaded again.

I also felt deeply offended at the rejection of my brilliant suggestion of having a representative acting as a mediator to take care of Mrs Yang’s funds was rejected. I fail to understand what was meant by no one deserves to be put in the situation of being attacked by Mrs Yang with her famous thick beating stick which she uses to control her dogs as mentioned by the Chinese officials in their investigatory report.

I know it’s not true about the hackers either but why I should I care about that?  I know Alice didn’t say what I said she did, but why should I allow that to stop me saying that she did? I can make it up as I go along, if I want. After all my agenda is always to air my opinion so everyone can know what my opinion is and that my opinion is always right.

In fact people often tell me how wonderful I am. Well I do seem to have a knack of finding just the evidence that I need to prove what I want to say at the time. People have expressed amazement at my investigative journalistic capabilities. However being of a humble disposition, I rarely take the credit that I ought to, preferring to stay in the background and pretending to let others take the credit all the while plotting their downfall. As you ought to know by now, I am not in the slightest bit interest in any evidence no matter how convincing, unless it revolves around me and suits my purposes at the time.

Get angry – I am not on anyone’s side. How many more times do I have to tell you whose side I am on? I’m sure you will understand if I am consumed by jealousy because I made it clear I felt threatened by Alice’s capabilities. So as I was unable to eliminate her from the group and everything I tried to get rid of her once and for all, failed miserably. I realized it was her or me.

I feel so disappointed that I took your side for so long in the hope that I would be given more perks and power, while all the time I was biting my lip, and that hurt.

The thing is with you, you answer questions in a way I don’t like. I thought I could say whatever I wanted about you online and get away with it. Instead I got a tongue-lashing that I’ll never forgive as long as live, or longer. So don’t be surprised that if I carry on doing my utmost to hurt you and sabotage your efforts.

Sad Amber Donoghue recent post:

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