A Reminder To The ARA Community by Texan Advocate

“I truly think it is time for that speech that everyone needs to read.  As a reminder of why advocates and activists are in this fight to begin with.”
I know you’ve heard it all before but I haven’t been getting much attention lately.

“If I piss people off, good I did my job right.”
Or else they are bored with yet more self-righteous, self-congratulating and self-obsessed whingeing that I can’t seem to be able to bring to any kind of sensible conclusion. Other than that at least this way I get lots of attention which I wouldn’t otherwise get.

“I do not care if you hate, dislike or even have me on your black list.”
I don’t mind being hated or reviled, as long as the spotlight is on me, and everyone is kept fully informed and up to date about the importance of what I am going through at all times.

“I am not in the advocacy or activism world to appease or please the ‘masses’.”
I am here to please myself. In fact it appears that my importance has eclipsed the importance of both the animals and the people trying to help them and indeed anyone or anything else.

“I am not here for fame, glory or any recognition. I am not here for your entertainment purposes or to be used as an emotional punching bag. I am not here for anyone’s enjoyment either.”
I thought you understood this from the beginning? Goodness knows I have gone on and on long enough, boring people to extinction. Exactly what does it take to get people to understand I am only here for my own gratification, entertainment, fame and glory. Have I been waffling all this time for nothing? Are you stupid or something?

 “My goals are very much the same as everyone else’s. To ensure the safety and prosperity of animal welfare and life be it from wild to domesticated.”
My goals differ only in the application. I want to ensure I get the chance to blow my own trumpet on every possible occasion. I also reserve the right to dis anyone who doesn’t agree with me. It is my self appointed duty to do so in an attempt to eliminate any perceived rival who attempts to hog my limelight or who has the temerity to cast doubt upon my infallibility.

“Many people in our community forget that our sole purpose is to focus on animal welfare and rights. Many people in our community see this as a competition.”
Many people forget my sole purpose is to help animals while making damn sure that people are continually kept informed of my current status and all my various personal problems. I would see others engaged in similar things in a similar way as personal competition but they can forget it, I am determined to ensure everyone remembers my name and how important I am. Indeed I’ve been called wonderful on many divers occasions. Many in the community have made the mistake of not seeing me as I do. They will all be dealt with in due course.

“They see it as who can get to the top first with ‘fame’ ‘recognition’ and above all pride themselves on the most “likes” they have for their millions of pages.”
Sorry, position filled.  And don’t you forget it!

“We also have those types of advocates who like to destroy reputations of others. Again, this is seen as dirty competition, where it takes said person(s) time away from advocating for the animals to “correct” malicious rumours being spread.”
I would say to those people, stop trying to take my job away from me!

If you treat this as competition, you are being detrimental to the animals. If you use dirty tactics to ruin someone’s good standing and character, you are deliberately destroying the community’s voice. If you see this as a way to gain a favorable way to increase your fame or popularity, then you are deliberately causing loss of focus.”
These are my tactics. I invented these tactics. Kindly refrain from nicking my methods.

“Everyone in this community should be more concerned with the life and safety of animals – NOT he said she said drama. Drama gets us nowhere and endangers animals and human life.”
Bearing in mind my standing and importance, exceptions must be made in my case. If anyone is going to be a drama queen, you can bet your bottom dollar it’s going to be me. So therefore please read my latest piece designed to destroy someone who does a lot of work to help animals, whom I greatly envy and see as serious competition.  I particularly hate her and her helpers, because they say revealing things about me that do serious harm to my carefully crafted image which I put so much time and effort into cultivating, and that’s the kind of attention I can do without.

“If you are in this community for yourself – You are doing it wrong and should see yourself out that big door.”
That is of course exactly what I ought to do. However I can’t bear the thought of having done to me wot I did to so many others. Therefore I plan to stay around for a while so I can carry on continually reminding you of how wonderful I am and all my brilliant qualities and amazing achievements and periodically keep you updated on my current status and my various personal difficulties and changing opinions, etc., etc.

I’m sorry that I haven’t mentioned animals much but I’ve run out of space, as I normally do, spending so much time talking about myself.

Anyway thanks for listening.


[Note from author: With apologies if this offends but we were only following the instructions given at the end of your article, as follows.]

Screen Shot 12-24-15 at 06.25 PM.PNGScreen Shot 12-24-15 at 06.41 PM.PNG

Mary Robbins’ new blog site “The Texan Advocate” can be found here

Not too sure of the wisdom of siding with ppl who talk about you like this
Screen Shot 12-25-15 at 06.33 PM 002.PNG


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