Mary Robbins ARA

Mary Robbins of Texas, and her friend Rae Castina – whose real name is Elva Rae Felter – are obsessive compulsive hate campaigners who cannot be trusted not to betray a confidence.

Rae Castina, from Huguenot, Orange County, NY, works for and is thought to be currently residing in New Jersey. Mary Robbins is disabled and unemployed – not to imply there is anything wrong with that – and lives in a type of pre-fab properly in Texas with her husband, Josh Robbins who is not involved in this.

Mary and Rae have conspired together to hurt people and damage or destroy their reputation without any real justification for doing so. They don’t care about making sure they have their facts straight before posting which means that they post false accusations and lies.

Rae Castina and Mary Robbins have posted some nasty and untrue things not to help animals as they claim – that is evidently not their motive – but purely out of revenge and spitefulness, and apparently because they can’t seem to be able to think of anything better to do.

Beware of them, and do not trust them, as they are both treacherous and unscrupulous.

Here are some examples of their work.

Screen Shot 10-14-15 at 01.19 AM

Exposed for what she is about, by her own words:

Screen Shot 10-14-15 at 01.42 PM 001 2

If someone posts something on social media they know to be untrue just because it makes them feel better – something that ought to be said only in private – claiming it to be the truth when it is the opposite, knowing that it will have a negative impact on the animal rights work that they do, what does that tell you about their motives?

As Mary seems to be obsessed with what happens to her, as if that were the most – and even the only – important consideration, it seems that apart from repeatedly behaving a way that points towards her being an egotist, Mary shows signs of a tendency towards narcissism as it seems for Mary, it is all about me, me, me.

Screen Shot 10-14-15 at 02.10 PM blanked

The following three screenshots clearly illustrate that Mary is a turncoat who cannot be trusted – whoever she sides with.

Mary Robbins professes herself to be a whistleblower and a truthteller and yet the writer is in possession of copious screenshot evidence that Mary is untruthful.

As with previous articles I have published, such as “URRKN Exposed” and “The Broward No Kill Massacre”, screenshot evidence is always provided to verify what is said. There are no made up screenshots, and no screenshots that have been taken out of a conversation in such a way as to present them out of context. Also, I don’t make things up as I go along, switching sides back and forth as it seems to benefit me and betraying confidences as a means to influence people into doing what I want them to do.

Mary is known to be economical with the truth and to manipulate situations. Then when it backfires on her – as these things inevitably will – Mary cannot take the heat and will act in whatever she feels will benefit her, and cave in under pressure.

As in this example of Mary’s disgraceful manipulativeness, posted publicly on her Facebook page on 19th October 2015. This post proves that Mary was willing to renege upon agreements she had made – almost at the drop of a hat – without the reasonable discussion or negotiation most people normally engage in.




[I certify that this screenshot was not given to me by Julia as asserted by Mary, and I can prove it due to having the screenshots of the chat where it was given to me.]

Mary Robbins has done her best to make out that I am not behind this blog article, someone else is. This article is all my own work and I have decided what to put in it, and it has had no input whatsoever from Julia. I am more than capable of speaking up for myself, thank you!

Ever since I was quite small – and my mother would not have a problem testifying to that – I have had my own mind. In fact both my parents encouraged that, as they taught me to think for myself and that’s exactly what I do. I am nobody’s mouthpiece – never was and never will be. I think what I want to think and would never allow anyone to control me in that way.

Although obviously if I am in support of somebody and what they do, of course I will speak up and support them and I may even ask them what they want me to say to do that. That doesn’t mean I would post something that is not in accord with what I believe for whatever reason, as that is something that I would never do.

In that way Mary is doing her utmost to discredit both that person and me at the same time. This is typical of the way that Mary works. Mary more or less agreed with that person for two years, acting in her stated opinion in the best interests of the animals, and now she has suddenly decided that she doesn’t. What is more according to her own admission as per this screenshots, the reason for that is because Mary has been pressurized and blackmailed.

Yet Mary is now lying and saying the organisation is corrupt and etc. which is obviously not what she really believes or she simply would not have been a part of it for more than two years!

Mary is so desperate to prove this is true even when it obviously isn’t that she has to resort to posting screenshots taken out of private chats. Something that a right-thinking person with integrity would not do, unless there were very extenuating circumstances. Clearly that does not apply here as Mary just wants revenge for perceived wrongs and to take the perceived pressure off her and her family.

It’s peculiar how Mary appears to be more angry now than she ever was about the hate campaigners and animal abuser and even the dog and cat meat butchers! Now why would that be? Is it because for her it is not so much as about the animals, as it’s all about her? As in me, me, me, me?

Screen Shot 10-20-15 at 06.52 AM

Like no one else involved in this is under any pressure, which of course they are, but that doesn’t seem to matter much to Mary as long as she gets what she thinks she wants, no matter what the cost to anyone else. Mary must come out on top, Mary must win. And all the attention must be on Mary and all that Mary has to endure.

Screen Shot 10-16-15 at 11.52 PM 001

Then if Mary chooses to cave in and give the blackmailers what they want, which is her to turn against that person and her cause, then this is not even about that person or her cause, or about the animals at all, it is all about Mary. Then as we have seen so often it usually is all about Mary!

Again it comes back to the same conclusion, this is not about the animals, it’s not about the trolls and hate campaigners, it’s not about Julia and her charity, and it’s not about Alice (who really gets on Mary’s nerves – wonder why?).

For Mary, it’s about me, me, me! Mary repeatedly insists that other people have not done the right thing by her. Mary will not concede that she may not have always done the right thing herself. Mary point blank refuses to apologise for her many false accusations which she has purposely put out in public with the intention of hurting and doing damage not just to others personally but against a charitable organisation that she supported until a few days ago – for more than two years!

So Mary puts people in a position where they are forced to speak up for themselves and tell the truth about what happened, and then she doesn’t like it when they do. Hypocritical much?

For example, in her most recent blog posted 20th October 2015, Mary has said this:

Screen Shot 10-20-15 at 03.53 PM

Yet Julia has never done anything but stand up to the IARF affiliated and dog meat trade advocate bullies etc. who have viciously attacked her personally to a ridiculous degree on numerous occasions. This is just another of those attacks. For example saying that Julia is not a barrister, when Mary knows full well Julia is a barrister and has copies of a letter and a certificate on her PC to confirm that is the case, which I also have copies of on my PC. That is just being plain dishonest, like many other things that Mary has said!  [Mary took that accusation down from her blog article, presumably after reading this, just leaving a more vague accusation in the article!]

Mary knows very well that Julia is a barrister and her organisation is genuine or she would not have supported NoToDogMeat for two years. That is what makes Mary such a massive hypocrite, and Mary ought to be ashamed of herself for now changing her story. Mary is saying things that she knows are patently untrue and sharing things out of context that were said in confidence in a private chat. Does Mary even understand what the concept of ‘in confidence’ means?

NoToDogMeat have not kept their financial records secret. They have nothing to hide. No one is paid a salary or on many occasion even expenses, unlike so many other organisations that nobody is even bothering about? Now why would that be? Well now we know Julia, NoToDogMeat and its founders are being astroturfed and innocent people are being duped to join in with the astroturfers, and some are professional trolls and shills who do what they do to serve various corrupt causes and for no other reason. Certainly not to help the animals.

It looks like this will go on a for a while taking up a great deal of time when we are supposed to be dealing with the issue of Mrs Yang apart from the usual business of NoToDogMeat in supporting rescuers and shelters, increasing awareness of the dog and cat meat trade and working to end it.

Come hell or high water, Mary is apparently determined to draw all the attention to herself, as usual, while the poor dogs and cats suffer and die. How many more times does Mary have to regurgitate the same old same old this is the story of my life diatribes in an attempt to prove that anyone and everyone is guilty of anything and everything while Mary is guilty of nothing whatsoever, ever! Really?

Message - Stupidity same old same old

Shame on Mary for all this, because Mary knows very well that Julia and her organisation is far from being the scam that the trolls and astroturfers make out that it is, yet she has chosen to side with them. If Mary can’t see what is wrong with Mrs Yang’s organisation then that’s because she doesn’t want to see it. I guess it’s an inconvenient truth for too many people, including Mary. Well the truth will always out and it is indeed coming out now. Thank God for that, because there have been more than enough animals who have suffered terribly at the hands of “Mrs Yang” and her cohorts.

Notice how Mary has no compunction about sharing emails out of private chats in secret groups that she was entrusted to be a part of, posting publicly things that were said in private? Well I guess if Mary can do that, then so can I in this particular case? After all in two years Mary has said so many things in groups, emails and chats that would incriminate herself. Some of them are really jaw-dropping. Surely what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander? That is not something I would normally do but it may be necessary to give Mary a dose of her own medicine as that will be the one thing that will finally convince Mary once and for all that what she is doing is wrong!

So Mary in her latest blog article has said things that are blatantly untrue in an attempt to justify her actions and put everyone else in a bad light, especially Julia and me. Amongst those false allegations, Mary has posted the barefaced lie that people weren’t helpful to her about where the Grin blackmail messages originated from.

I wouldn’t normally share screenshots of private messages, but there are of course rare occasions where that is the right thing to do, and I believe this is one. So for that reason for now I will post just one screenshot of an email that proves Mary is not being honest.

Mary claims that a large part of the reason that she ‘defected’ was that she felt that she received no sympathy or support from us about the Grin emails and where they came from – an allegation that is patently untrue and we did discuss it with her. She though was not honest with us, and held things back that she knew about Grin. Also it wasn’t just the issue of where the Grin letter came from but Julia’s refusal to communicate with a fake anon on Twitter as Mary wanted – for her own reasons due to Mary being very concerned about her standing with who she saw as “Anonymous” but were actually fake anons.

Unlike Mary Robbins, I don’t try and make out I’m perfect. So after wasting hours that day and the days before it catering to Mary’s various needs and neuroses and dealing with her false accusations, after Mary had been told many times that a certain person lived in West Sussex – which after more than two years she could not possibly NOT have known anyway – and that wasn’t far away from East Sussex, I lost my temper with Mary when she and Rae Castina seriously accused ME of being Grin, even giving me reasons why they had arrived at that conclusion!  As if? That is seriously dumb! Especially as it emerged afterwards that Mary and Rae were in fact withholding information from us which included Grin’s identity! So they knew very well that I was not Grin.

Screen Shot 10-20-15 at 06.51 PM

In her latest blog article, Mary says:
Screen Shot 10-20-15 at 11.44 PMAs Mary supported NoToDogMeat wholeheartedly for over two years, right up until only a few days ago – even though she was privy to inside information, pretending to be very sorry that she had ever been part of the hate campaign against it – how is that she has now suddenly changed her mind? That is a question Mary has already answered in her own blog articles and public posts, as some shared above. Mary felt she was forced into a corner and had to denounce the charity as a fraud in order to save her own skin from the blackmailer “Grin”!

By her own spiteful actions, Mary has proved beyond a shadow of doubt that she is unstable, untrustworthy and incapable of being trusted not to betray a confidence and out for her own self. In short, Mary is a turncoat!

As mentioned previously, apart from the pressure from Grin, the blackmailer, Mary was also desperate to maintain her reputation with those Twitter IDs she perceived as anons, although some are likely to be fake anons, some are ‘astroturfers’ and some may be deceived real anons too.

Mary got seriously annoyed with Julia for refusing to speak to one of the main fake anons and then Mary talked to this ‘anon’ herself and shared it with us in an email. Now if Mary really believed what she has written her latest defamatory blog article is true then why did she hand a 105 page Word document of her private conversation with the anon over to all of us in the group, only just a few days ago?  Like so many other things Mary says, that doesn’t make any sense at all. Here is a screenshot from that conversation to prove that what is being said here is true.

Screen Shot 10-20-15 at 08.08 PM


Mary has also said that Julia protected me from the police that one of the hate campaigners sent after me which is yet something else Mary has said that is untrue. The person who tried to send the police after me had made false allegations which I telephoned the police about myself without speaking to Julia beforehand. I told the police that any form of action on their part in those circumstances would represent bias and prejudice resulting in a complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

In fact I was well aware that I hadn’t done anything to warrant police intervention and indeed a very great deal less than the complainant had. Although the same couldn’t be said for that person herself, as she had made many defamatory posts during her two and a half year hate campaign against NoToDogMeat and Julia, and other supporters, later on including me. She had been investigated and called into the station some months before where she was warned about her hate campaigning, on at least one occasion and has been ‘pinned’ not to even mention the name of the founder of NoToDogMeat, such was the extent of her hate campaigning. It is that same person who is one of the main forces behind that hate campaigning now, and she evangelizes her sick cause of harassing a charity fighting to end the dog meat trade even though she herself has never been to China nor seen the dog meat trade in person. This has proved to be very traumatizing for those that have. To help such people who have other agendas than the welfare of the animals is inexcusable.

As to a blog site exposing the hate campaigners, that’s actually what the police told us to do about the problem, so your complaint is with them!

[Update 8 Dec 2015: It is proposed that a link to a redacted version of the conversation between Mary Robbins and “Autoanon” (Tina Colley) will be posted here within the next few days.]

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